Moyan Kunjiraman

The history of Moyan girls higher secondary school dates back to the year 1917 when the primary school at Vadakanthara was taken over by the taluk board in Oct 1917 .The school was shifted from Vadakanthara to Tharekkad ,upgrading the school as a secondary school. With the up gradation, the mixed school at Vadakanthara became a girl’s high school.

The initial functioning of the school was monitored by British people.
Mr. Morrison visited the school on 6.9.1918 when Mrs.C.Chinnama Mannadissiar took charge as the first head mistress. This was followed by Mr.Euan’s visit on 14.9.1918.Three days after which, the honorable Alexander Cardrew of KCSI ICS laid the foundation stone for the new building.

The new building (main building)then progressed with the introduction of Forum IV on second June 1919 with 4 pupils in the section. The entire strength of the school summed up to 74 students in primary section. In the succeeding years Forum V and Forum VI were opened. The management of the school was transferred to the Malabar district board on twentyninth July 1920.

      The land on which the school is built was generously donated by Moyan Kunhiraman native of Tellicherry. Moyan Kunhiraman was born and brought up in a village called Cheruvathur in Thalassery,Kannur dist. He was a rich landlord. It was one of his dreams to start a girl’s school in Cheruvathur. He wanted to promote girls education which was then in a bad shape. So he deposited a huge amount of money at Madras DPI for starting up of school for girls. But the government of Madras found very low chances of girls going to school in Cheruvathur then. This thought disappointed him. The famous college of that time was Govt.Victoria College Palakkad, which was operated under the Madras DPI. The senior lecturers of this college were appointed as the heads in Madras DPI.  At that time, a swami of Palakkad working in Madras DPI approached him and suggested starting  a school in Palakkad. Later, Madras DPI thought about it seriously and their analysis concluded that the school had a better chance of flourishing in Palakkad . The land where the school is built, was once a farm where horses were reared. There was doctor and his small clinic near by. The government acquired this land and allotted this for the construction of the school.Finally the school was built in 1918.Thus a dream came true for Moyankunhiraman. He used to visit the school occasionally, and look upon its affairs. The government as a felicitation to his legendary vision, named the school after him.

To add on to the functioning of the school a clerk along with a needle work teacher was appointed after the school began operating, in1920.

The Britishers continued monitoring the school performances.
The school was visited by A.G.Griene and D.P Imran in February 1923.
Officials from madras DPI also expressed their interest by sending their representatives to visit the school. Sri.S .Sathyamurthi and V.V.Paramesaran Iyer visited the school in September the same year.

Four years later, one more  building was opened in the school.
Mrs.D.Leelavathi, principal, Queen Mary’s college Marion & Mrs. Lowie de Erichbeg Berlie  were the eminent personalities who visited the school

Forum I to VI was divided into two divisions in June 1943.
This yearThe Silver Jubilee was celebrated with Dr. A.R Menon as the chair person and Smt. Chinnamma Mannnadissiar as the headmistress. On 26.12.1947 Smt Chinnamma retired and Mrs.S.E.Benjamin took charge of this great institution

On first July 1948, the strength of the school reached 630(In 1948 the total strength raised to 630) students for classes from  I to VI. In 1950 Mrs. Ebiyanisi was appointed as headmistress ..then  an additional block of 3 rooms in the western side school compound (western block)were built .(Now the students from neighbouring area began to flow towards this prestigious ocean to have 3720 in UP& HS section and 600 in HSS section. The  number of teachrs also increased with two head masters… and a Principal)
 On 2.7.1951. Smt. A.Parukuttyamma took charge from Mrs.S.Ebyanisi when retired after a service of about one year . On 1.10.1957    The district board school was taken over by government.  Two years later, Smt. A.Parukuttyamma retired on31.3.1959 and Smt. .Devakiamma, who was the Headmistress at GGHS Alathur took charge on 10.6.1959.Again  another temporary thatched shed consisting of six classrooms (now changed as new asbestos building)were built up in the compound to accommodate the rapid growing strength of the school.


          An old building with the compound was acquired by the school in June 1959. An additional block under L D scheme was constructed for the school in the playground.  The block situated in the play ground (and)hence got converted to LP school and the necessary furniture to set up the school was provided. A newly constructed urinal cum latrine (septic tank) with 5 water tanks and pipe connection costing 7686.37paise were handed over to the L. P. School on 29.12.1961.( Lower Primary (LP) classes from I-IV was separated) and started as Moyan LP School with effect from June 1961. There were no road in between the LP and the present  High School (HS) during that period. Later on road came in between the school building with LP on the western side of the road and HS on northern side.Later the development of Palakkad town  separated us.
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